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Luxury Hotel and Residential Development

“...significant lagoon pools, lap pool,
spa pool and statement water features
incorporated into ground floor landscape
and a spring-mounted swimming pool at
the point of the 75th floor penthouse...”


Project: Q1
Client: Sunland
Period: 2002 - 2005
Architect: The Buchan Group
Landscape Architect: Urbansmash/Imagine

Q1 was a very large project, and included our first pool backwash water recovery system, a significant contribution to the reduction of potable water consumption on this prestigious project. We also provided a facility to utilize the upper lagoon pool as the building’s fire fighting water reservoir.

The level seventy five penthouse pool was also a first, with the entire in-situ concrete swimming pool completely suspended on out-rigger mounted acoustic isolation springs.

 Innovation is an integral part of our corporate mentality.