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Luxury Hotel

“...sand bottomed swimming pool, various
private swimming pools and water features
with design and quality to match the Gold
Coast’s premier luxury hotel...”


Project: Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast
Client: L&V Project Pools Pty Ltd
Period: 1999 - 2000
Architect: DBI Design
Landscape Architect: Cameron McLeod

The sand bottom pool presented many challenges, including the location of the pool within the limited confines of the site, and the need to ensure that water intake points were well removed from the sand beach to avoid ingestion of sand by the circulation system. This issue is not far from the surface in most sand-bottomed pool projects, along with the need to address the potential stagnation of water and algae growth within the sand volume in the beach.

Attention to detail in service runs, structure detailing and housing of equipment were all primary considerations in reducing the demand for space in what is obviously highly-valued real estate.